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TummyTox K-WOW face mask is made from 100% natural kaolin and hectorite for a radiant look, deeply cleansed skin and those "OK, WOW!" compliments. Let your natural beauty shine through, one application at a time!

With regular use of the mask (1-3 times a week), you will find that it: 

  • reduces impurities
  • removes the oily sheen from your complexion and 
  • firms-up the skin.

How to use TummyTox K-WOW face mask: 


Step 1 - stir the mask in the packaging
Step 2 - carefully apply a thick layer on your clean face with the applicator
Step 3 - leave on for 10-15 minutes
Step 4 - wash the mask off your face with warm water
Step 5 - get ready for those "OK, WOW!" compliments

K-WOW Face Mask 75ml

€15.00 Regular Price
€12.75Sale Price
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