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Vacuum Pore Cleaner


Say goodbye to blackheads, enlarged pores and fine lines by including this miraculous blackhead vacuum into your beauty routine. No need for heavy-coverage foundation anymore, you’ll finally be able to post those gorgeous #nomakeup photos!

  • Best cordless vacuum pore cleaner with 7-in-1 action

  • 5 different suction heads

  • 3 power settings

  • Removes blackheads and minimises pores

  • Reduces fine lines and tightens skin

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells

  • Diminishes excess sebum (oil)


The 7 easy steps of your new cleansing routine!


  • STEP 1: Steam your face or use a hot towel for 3-5 minutes to open up your pores.

  • STEP 2: Gently pat your face dry with a towel. Dry your hands.

  • STEP 3: Insert a dry filter sponge in the filter cup and put a silicone ring onto the base.

  • STEP 4: Cover the filter cup, then choose your suction head and install it onto the device.

  • STEP 5: Press the power button and choose suction intensity (blue light – low strength, for dry skin, green light – medium strength, red light – maximum strength, for oily skin. Use the appropriate level to avoid bruising.

  • STEP 6: Gently move the blackhead vacuum remover along your skin side to side with smooth, even motions, without pressing down. To prevent redness or bruising, never stay on the same spot for more than 3 seconds. Do not press down hard with the device and do not move it vertically.

  • STEP 7: Clean the suction heads after every use.

Vacuum Pore Cleaner

€35.00 Regular Price
€26.25Sale Price
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